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Our Treatment Process 

  1. You send an email indicating your requirements to AJD
  2. a) We inform you the details of our services  b) we forward your queries to our associate hospital
  3. After consulting with the Hospital administration and medical experts, we contact you for your medical records and case history
  4. Post receiving your documents, we consult the doctors for their assessments, opinions and recommendations regarding your treatment.
  5. We revert with these recommendations along with the details about your stay, the likely costs and tour options
  6. You review the medical opinion and select the package that suits you best
  7. You interact with us for detailed planning of the trip and also for air ticketing in case you opt for the same
  8. We receive you on your arrival in India and facilitate your consultation with the doctors without delay
  9. We register you into the medical association and help you commence the treatment procedure which comprises pre and post-operative care and surgical procedure that is recommended to you
  10. You can take a post recovery holiday tour